By pupil-voice, Nov 15 2017 03:48PM

This week we are doing a staff meeting on...SHOWBIE which is a really cool app and we are so thrilled to teach you about it and for you to learn about it!!So who's excited for pudsey bear day (also known as children in need day) in Ysgol Bro Banw we are celebrating by wearing spotty clothes!We are so amazingly happy"YAY"!!!!!!


By pupil-voice, Oct 18 2017 02:11PM

Today,We had are official second meeting and belive me it was a long wait!!

Are meeting was on spark video wich I think is a gret subject since it is really popular for teachers and interesting for the kiddy's...We will be doing a interview so everyone can see our team of the most intelligent people I know in the school!!!

By pupil-voice, Oct 9 2017 02:34PM

Today we had our amazing, exercising dancathon! The whole school got to choose a song each, these were the songs - I need a hero, closer, galway girl, grease lightning, don't stop me now, human and loads others! We all thourghly enjoyed and hopefully the NSPCC also enjoyed! We also created sponsor forms and I (Imogen) made one and gave £5! I hope that'll give them some help! We have created a movie that Emili and Aaminah edited. Also, Tiana and Emili went around the classes, filming some videos, I wonder if anyone noticed! So, every hour the school council played some music.. I must say, it was quite quiet. If you are wondering who is in the school council here's a list, of people who played the booming music - Rhys Bowen, Cameron Bowden, Jamie Dowler, Jac Cloke. Also, here's a question.. What's your favourite song?!

Created by Imogen & Tiana.

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By pupil-voice, Oct 4 2017 02:49PM

Hi again, as you all probably already know we are the puipl voice!!!

This week we are all going to tell you about are B-Days and also about are meting on Monday,

Frst of all we are going to tell you are B-Days.First we are going to start with

Emili:Febuary 23/2007

Imogen:October 19/2006

Aaminah:Sebtember 6/2006

Alex:November 25/2006

Liliwen:November 8/2007

Tiana:December 27/2006

celyn:October 13/2007

Tyler:march 2/2007

Sports day is now on Friday 24th due two the weather conditions, However, we will be selling colour coded badges for 25p on Thursday 23rd all day and throghout the main event itself. These badges will help support the school, Sport's day and your team.