DIGI LAB 2015 & 2016




6th January 2016


Digi Lab today:

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We hosted Digi Lab on 6th January 2016.

This session we showed children how to use hwb+ and office 365. We learnt how to share our work with our teachers. Please ask your teacher/Mr Davies or Mrs Lock if you are not sure of your hwb usernames.

12th January 2016

Digi Lab today:

We have a slighty new format of digi-lab today. We have started a raffle. Everyone who comes to digi-lab gets put into the raffle for a new e-safety app.


Today we have been looking at coding apps. We are using Hopscotch to block code. Here's one of our digital leader's, Sam introducing block coding to year 3 children. Look forward to seeing you all next week.

20th January 2016


Yesterday, the 19th, we, meaning the digital leaders, held a Digi lab mainly featuring the subject how to use the green screen. There was also one other problem mentioned which was that the IPad's background not being the Bro Banw logo, each IPad must have the Bro Banw logo on both lock screen and home screen due to spot-checks provided by the digital leaders and Gwylan (of course!) Fortunately, both green screen problems outcome's were a sucsees although, the Bro Banw logo Background problem's outcome has not yet been provided. We hope to make progress agin in next weeks Digi Lab!


As you may know, we have recenty recived the privilage

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